LOOPS Stake Pool

Welcome to the Cardano Ecosystem

What You Need to Know

Bare-Metal Stake Pool

We are a small outfit here at Crypto Loops, but we built the LOOPS stake pool to not be reliant on Amazon Web Services or any other provider or centralized system. This was a purposeful choice to keep the Cardano Ecosystem decentralized.

Security Experts

With the help of industry experts to secure and provide for the pool, Crypto Loops works to maintain LOOPS pool as a means of not only increasing the decentralization of Cardano’s Ecosystem, but as a way for ADA holders to start or continue earning passive income.

Time in the Market

Crypto Loops and LOOPS pool has been built with knowledge that comes from researching and being in the Cryptocurrency market and space for many years. We value blockchain technology and want to help make it easy for you to stake your Cardano (ADA) with us as well as to help bring you information on your investment into Cardano through the videos and content we produce!