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Conward Swift

Crypto Content Creator/Educator

I am the founder and CEO of Crypto Loops. My journey into cryptocurrency began in mid-2018 after the 2017 crypto-market boom had subsided. I spent years studying the field and notice that, despite the enormous potential of this relatively new market, there was a lack of mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Why? I believe the main reasons for this are twofold: limited information and a lack of quality guidance into this new and developing ecosystem. In 2021, toward the end of educating others and bridging the gap between where their investments are currently and where their investments could be, I created Crypto Loops!

Whether you’re brand new to crypto or are well-versed, I would love to work with you, so we can get you started building your journey into cryptocurrencies. Be in touch with me on the socials linked above or contact me. I look forward to connecting!